Blackwood Dining Tables Australia

Blackwood Dining Tables Australia. Beautifully handcrafted Blackwood dining tables now available from Lumber Furniture. Make an appointment today to discuss your custom Blackwood dining table.

Home Furniture Australia

Home Furniture Australia We custom make beautiful home furniture designed to suite your unique space. Make an appointment today!

Wormy Chestnut Furniture

Wormy Chestnut Furniture. Handcrafted wormy chestnut furniture designed to suit your space. Make an appointment today! Feel free to contact us directly.  

Wormy Chestnut Office Desks

Wormy Chestnut Office Desks Wormy chestnut office desks available from Lumber Furniture with 60mm grommets. Make an appointment today! For more enquiry please contact us. Please follow us on Instagram

Timber dining Tables

Timber Tables Melbourne

Timber Tables Melbourne The finest custom timber tables handcrafted in Melbourne are available from Lumber Furniture today. Make an appointment today!

Furniture Australia

Furniture Australia

Furniture Australia We produce handcrafted custom furniture Australia made to suit your style and space. Our designs are a balance between minimalist form, technical joinery and modern furniture made from timber, metal and concrete. Each piece is made to order to specifically suit our clients decor, taste and size requirements. Our furniture includes timber dining tables,

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Oak Furniture Australia

Oak Furniture Australia

Oak Furniture We can create your dream oak furniture using either: Australian, American or European timbers. American White Oak Heartwood is a light to medium brown, commonly with an olive cast. Nearly white to light brown sapwood is not always sharply demarcated from the heartwood American Red Oak Pale reddish brown, sapwood darker, heavy, hard,

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Bespoke Island Benches Australia

Bespoke Island Benches Order your custom bespoke Island bench today! Fully customizable base and top length, width and height. Australian Hardwood, Reclaimed dressed Wormy chestnut 3.6cm thickness, spotted gum or blackwood mounted into a premium metal powder coated base. Base can be powder coated in a colour of your choice. DIMENSIONS: Standard height is 90cm,

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New Chairs

Replica Hans Wegner Furniture In 1944 a breakthrough in the furniture design realm came to light when Hans Wegner designed his first “China Chair” in a series inspired by the Chinese Emperor’s thrones. For an abundance of years, Hans Wegner has been synonymous and linked with the term organic functionality, a modernist school of thought

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