Live Edge Table Australia

Crafting Beautiful Live Edge Tables

At Lumber Furniture, we take pride in handcrafting beautiful live edge tables from a variety of wood slabs. Each table is unique, showcasing the natural beauty and character of the wood. Our tables are perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to any space.

Variety of Wood Slabs

We offer live edge tables made from a variety of wood slabs, including Blackwood, Blackbutt, Redgum, Spotted gum, and Ironbark. These slabs are carefully selected for their quality and beauty, ensuring that each table is a true work of art.

Upcoming Slabs

In addition to our current selection, we have a large number of slabs going in the kiln at any given time. These include Peppermint gum, White Box, and Stringy Bark, Messmate, Marri, Blackbutt. Ranging from 3m to 5m long and 1m to 1.4m wide.

Imported Slabs

For those looking for something truly special, we also import slabs from around the world. Our American Black Walnut and American Oak live edge tables are particularly stunning and are sure to add the WOW factor to your next project.

Unique Character and Patterns

One of the things that makes live edge tables so special is their unique character and patterns. Each table is completely unique, as no two slabs are alike, even if they come from the same tree.

Sustainably Harvested Timber

We are committed to using sustainably harvested timber in our live edge tables. All of our timber slabs are sourced from salvaging fallen and dead trees, ensuring that no living trees are harmed in the process. Each salvaged tree has its own story, which we are happy to share with our customers.

Design Your Own Live Edge Table

If you’re interested in a designer live edge table, we invite you to make an appointment to discuss your options. For interstate customers, we are happy to work with you remotely. Simply send us a photo of your space, followed by a phone or Skype call to discuss your slab and leg options. If you’ve seen something you like, just take a photo and email it to us. The more information we have, the closer we can get to creating the perfect showpiece for your home. You’ll also have the opportunity to walk through the slab selection process with us, ensuring that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

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