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Replica Hans Wegner Furniture

Replica Hans Wegner Furniture

In 1944 a breakthrough in the furniture design realm came to light when Hans Wegner designed his first “China Chair” in a series inspired by the Chinese Emperor’s thrones. For an abundance of years, Hans Wegner has been synonymous and linked with the term organic functionality, a modernist school of thought and design that emphasises an item’s functional and operational aspects above all other strains. At Lumber Furniture we are honoured to provide our clientele with the utmost finest pieces of replica Hans Wegner furniture that is a must for all household designs and orientations.

The revolutionary replica Hans Wegner furniture products Lumber Furniture administer are second to none. The unique design features strong, exaggerated curves that contour the human body with stunning ease and three legs to provide stability as well as impeccable comfort. We take pride in our replica Hans Wenger furniture and appreciate the fine designs elaborated from the so called : “Master chair maker” himself, Hans Wenger. With a wide array of different replica Hans Wegner furniture, we offer the whole spectrum of diversity. From table chairs to dining chairs, Lumber Furniture is here and administers leading replica items.

Professionalism, high quality and reliability is Lumber Furniture’s traits. By providing the utmost finest replica Hans Wegner furniture in Australia, we are your number one choice. Alluring, fine-tuned and captivating replica furniture constructions is what we pride ourselves on, here at Lumber Furniture. If you are seeking for a piece of furniture that will dazzle guests and rejuvenate your interior orientation, seek no further! Lumber Furniture are here to assist! Contact us, today.

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